20 August, 2013

Hi, I'm Gaurav Sharma from Mumbai, India. I'm an inventor.
I had a dream of inventing things for the world since I was about 13 years of age. I was inspired by Edison. And now also by Tesla and Feynman.

I have several ideas. While doing engineering, I was trying to create a holographic TV, but I failed. More often than not, I have a lot of conviction but lack the finances to execute a project. Also, finding the right technology to execute it is tough. One of my current projects is to design and build a free communications network. You can see some details on Twitter @freecommtrajet. I would like to keep some of my inventions in the public domain, so that it helps us all.

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5 September, 2013

One of the projects I would like to do is to eradicate hunger in the world. As per my understanding of quantum mechanics, there might exist functions in multi-dimensional vector spaces that might accelerate growth of natural food. Any human requires essential nutrients to live. But the current sad state of the world has many of our fellow humans left hungry. So, designing a spherical box the size of an apple, which if put into ground would have food sometime after seems like a good solution as soil can be found anywhere. I think there would be a function in quantum mechanics to create a fruit quickly out of soil. While I explore a project on free communications network, I would explore the quick food concept here. Not only fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and pulses are also important. There might be a synthetic catalyst that may do this and the input may be the seed. This all is imagination unless I really check it. I would publish my findings here.

2 December, 2013

In light of recent reading of terms of services of Twitter, I have decided to shift all the free communications network publications here under the heading of FCN.

2 December, 2013

Repository of all tweets related to FCN so far -
Everyone has the right to free communication, independent of paying to a wire/wireless carrier.
Free Communication Movement is to make all communication free by using what nature gave to us.
Some ideas: 1) Using novel ways to transmit signals 2) Human capacitance as the person's contact number 3) Shared & recyclable comm. devices
All supporting ideas are welcome!!
Recontinuation of @freecommovement. Forgot the previous' password :-\
To communicate among humans:- Input by one human: Human ideas/thoughts Output to intended human: Same human ideas/thoughts Example: Twitter
Human inputs/outputs to pass through a local/global sys.
Common natural entities (as transmission medium): Air, plants, ground, humans, virus, bacteria. These can be individually used or as combos.
Input and output transducers for passing on human ideas/thoughts from designated source(s) to intended recipient(s) & vice-versa, via medium
All system entities (except humans) to be self powered. That is, no battery power or electric power is required. It's a self powered system.
All system entities to support the transmission of World Wide Web data. All sys nodes next to human nodes, to have WWW cognition for humans.
All human legible data/communication to be encrypted across all the system.
Communication is state transfer in Space and Time. An ubiquitous example being Bloch Sphere rotation transfer.

13 July, 2016

Now I live near Delhi! Keeping the Twitter channel updated is a hassle, thus discontinuing it. I have made a lot of progress in terms of the acumen I have in inventing. The world is getting more connected with IoT devices and 3D printers.
Graphene-based circuits can be used to power free, disposable communication devices.
Till then, PV cells are highly efficient, but how will energy come to thin/transparent ubiquitous devices? I propose circuits be divided into parts with each unit having it's own battery. Example: divide the 555 timer chip into 10 parts, each powered by a nano-power battery. These batteries can be powered by temperature differentials or tiny atomic impacts (wind). Energy utilisation optimization would be required.

20 November, 2016

It has dawned on me recently that if we have to make progress beyond Earth and on Earth as well, there needs to be faster ways to build things.
This can be done by machines, but its a bit esoteric to think about machines building themselves any time soon. I imagine that key is to move 1, 2, 1000, million, billion atoms at will with precision. This could be done by achieving local superfuidity, then reassembling the object back to its original state. Or just move the object using magnetic levitation. As I learn more about Quantum Field Theory, I think I can solve this and also solve the problem of creating a food product (say, a potato) in less than natural time.

30 May, 2017

As I have pondered, and as I learn from the greats: Edison and Tesla, I will not repeat their mistakes. I'm an inventor first, a businessman second, to fuel my inventing using business models like that of Henry Ford.
In this regards I am progressing towards my goal and working on several practical inventions. My dreams are several, but I need to start small in order to ensure financial freedom and maximum temporal flexibility.
Quantum Field Theory has many hidden gems and structures that I imagine are unexploited by us humans. In nature, engineering happens off its own accord, and it is one of the best results. Albeit, it can be surpassed by human ingenuity, but only to augment and not to replace.
As in nature, we need to build to serve multiple purposes at once. The skin is not just a sheath, it has pressure, temperature sensors as well. A leaf uses chlorophyl, grows, takes part in tree pressure changes and feeds herbivores.

What's More?

I shall write more content
as I get more ideas.

Below are some random thoughts pertaining to "inventing",
these are things that I found out for me.
So, these might be different for you.

  • Imagination

    Imagination can be increased by imagination. Tuning in to nature at a given moment brings surprises. Nikola Tesla had a great imagination. One can start by simply imagining a cube in a white room. Watching sci-fi movies helps and also using software like Maya/Blender helps.

  • Travel

    Security creates the mediocre, insecurity sharpens intelligence to create!

  • The Little Prince

    An admirable French book, helps rediscover the mystery of the heart which cannot be explained by science.

  • Music

    Brain works on pattern recognition, the heart seems to recognize it by tuning to nature for expression.

  • Technique

    Technology can be understood by anyone. Any technique lends to technology. All knowledge is reproducible by intelligence.

  • Flags

    These flutter in the air, unlike the one above :)


But, do come back for more.